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The VB Converter analyses VB6 code and converts it to .NET 2.0 (C# or VB).
It uses a modified implementation VBParser (of the wondeful work of Paul Vick) and CodeDom.

Feel free to download it, contribute and comment.
For any other issues, please contact us:


  • Convert part of Visual Basic 6 code to C# and VB .NET
  • Batch converter (Files)


  • Refactor the CodeWriter module.
  • Add more VB6 expressions (such as Print)


Methods (Visual Basic 6)

Public Sub Main()
    Dim name As String
    name = InputBox("Enter your name: ", "VB6 App")
    If name = "" Then
        MsgBox "You must enter your name !", vbCritical, "Error"
        MsgBox "Your name is: " & name, vbInformation, "Info"
    End If
End Sub

Methods (C#)
public void Main() {
    string name;
    name = Interaction.InputBox("Enter your name: ", "VB6 App");
    if ((name == "")) {
        Interaction.MsgBox("You must enter your name !", Constants.vbCritical, "Error");
    else {
        Interaction.MsgBox(("Your name is: " + name), Constants.vbInformation, "Info");

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