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Project Structure

  • VBConverter.CodeParser: Responsible for parsing the VB code into a tree.
  • VBConverter.CodeWriter: Responsible for converting the tree structure to .NET.
  • VBConverter.UI: User interface (Windows Forms) responsible for testing the convertion.


Declarations (Visual Basic 6)
Dim name As String
Private list(5) As Integer
Protected rs As ADODB.Recordset
Friend birthDate As Date
Public Const CUSTOMER As Integer = &H16

Declarations (C#)
string name;
private short[] list = new short[6
protected ADODB.Recordset rs;
internal DateTime birthDate;
public const short CUSTOMER = 22;

Methods (Visual Basic 6)
Private Function Sum(ByVal num1 As Integer, ByVal num2 As Integer) As Integer
    Sum = num1 + num2
End Function
Sub Load()
End Sub

Methods (C#)
private short Sum(short num1, short num2) {
    short _result_Sum = default(short);
    _result_Sum = (num1 + num2);
    return _result_Sum;
private void Load() {

Properties (Visual Basic 6)
Public Property Get Name() As String
    Name = m_Name
End Function
Public Property Let Name(newName As String)
    m_Name = newName
End Function

Properties (C#)
public string Name {
    get {
        return m_Name;
    set {
        m_Name = value;

Events (Visual Basic 6)
Friend Event OnLoad(ByVal Status As Integer)

Properties (C#)
internal event OnLoadHandler OnLoad;
internal delegate void OnLoadHandler(short Status);

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